Focus-based to do list


A simple to use to do list template with a very special feature. This template includes a section at the top to help you stay focused on your priorities and not loose site of what matters most. Curious? Check it out.

I know what you’re thinking…’who the hell needs a template to keep track of their to do list?’ Um, type A control freaks like me, that’s who. Also, this to do list template has a special feature. It comes complete with a current focus and priorities reminder at the top to help you stay focused on whatever it is that is most essential to you and your work right now. Because when you’re in the thick of the day to day and you have the option to do something shiny and fun or meaningful and important, the priority reminder helps keep you on track; focused on what matters most.

I wrote an article all about how I use this with the other tools in my system. If you’re not convinced yet, give it a read first then download the tool, it’s basically free so you’ve got nothing to loose. Next, you might want to consider the Roadmap planning tool. You can read this article which goes into detail about what it is and how to use it.

Now, what’s your preferred way of keeping track of your tasks and action items? Leave your recommendations with your review. REMEMBER: With each review your communicating to our community what has the most value and what doesn’t. It’s the best way we can improve the Strategy Tools. Leave a review, pretty please!




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