Know Yourself email course


This 7-day email course is designed to get to the heart of who you are. Over a week you’ll receive a daily email full of questions and exercises to help you learn more about yourself.

This is a 7-day email course designed to help you learn more about yourself. Self awareness is the key to greater confidence, less anxiety, better relationships, a more successful career, and a generally better life.

Knowing your truest self is a journey. We learn through experiences, through relationships with other people, and through deliberate reflection of ourselves. This course will help you with that last bit.



Over the course of a week, you’ll receive one email from me each morning. In that email will be either a series of questions to prompt your thinking, an exercise or task for you to accomplish that day, or maybe both 🙂

The questions and exercises were designed to help you explore a bit more about who you really are. There has never been a better time to look within and grow.

It is recommended that you open these emails only when you have the time, energy, and mental ‘space’ to give them the attention they deserve. Perhaps this is early in the day with your morning coffee, or during your lunch break, or maybe at the end of the day when you normally journal.

It is also recommended that you physically write out the responses to these questions with pen and paper. Studies show that the physical act of writing helps to connect your mind with your body and slows your thinking down to a more natural pace.

Given the goal of these exercises is to learn more about yourself, your whole self, ensuring that both your mind and body are working well together is crucial. Your favorite journal should work just fine.

For each section, I’ll also give a brief example, my own personal authentic experience. This is only to give you an idea of how you might want to respond, not to force you to do as I did. Please listen to your authentic self and answer each question as true as possible, for you.



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