Budget tracker


A basic budget tracker of incomes and expenses specifically designed for solopreneurs operating digital businesses.

This template is perfect for solopreneurs operating online businesses such as bloggers, designers, consultants and coaches. It is a Google Sheet with three tabs:

  1. Instructions on how to use this workbook
  2. Example sheet with numbers to demonstrate better how this might work
  3. Blank sheet for you to use as you wish


This workbook is fully customizable with options to adjust:

  • Account names for where you keep and generate revenue (i.e. bank account, PayPal, Etsy, etc.)
  • Income sources (i.e. shop sales, affiliate revenue, advertising revenue, etc.)
  • Expense categories (i.e. hosting fees, advertising expenses, software licenses and monthly fees, etc.)
  • Owner’s distribution amounts (i.e. what you pay yourself)


Basic formulas will help you calculate and keep track of:

  • Gross and Net Income by month, and year including monthly averages
  • Monthly total expenses
  • Annual total expenses by category and sub-category, including monthly averages


Multiple ‘check’ functions to ensure you haven’t messed up the formulas…because you might 🙂





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