ConvertKit is the best email service provider for entrepreneurs and creators that are ready to take their email marketing to the next level.


The best advice I can give anyone starting a new project is to start by building your audience. Don’t wait till you’re ready to launch to focus on your audience, focus on them from the beginning. The best way to do this, is through an email list.

The first thing you’ll need is an email service provider. There are two I recommend (and I’ve used both):

  1. Mailchimp for those just getting started
  2. CovertKit when you’re ready to upgrade to the next level



ConvertKit automates everything. The main reason most people eventually upgrade from something like Mailchimp to ConvertKit is because they’re ready to start sending out more automated emails. For example, when someone clicks on the ‘join the waitlist’ button for the Purpose for Obsessive Planners course, that person automatically get’s tagged as someone interested in the course and they’ll begin to receive emails offering valuable information about that course. Then when I’m ready to launch the course, they’ll receive a series of automated emails that I’ve pre-written that explains all the benefits and reasons to enroll in the course…and I just get to sit back and relax (almost).

ConvertKit is affordable. It’s not free, but it’s also not cost prohibitive. The pricing is based on the size of your list (like all email service providers) and ranges from $30-$80/month up to 5,000 subscribers (then it goes to custom pricing). When you get to the point where you need a tool like this, the investment is low compared to the potential benefit you can receive in revenue derived from your email list.

ConvertKit is simple. It’s set up to intentionally keep large images and bulky HTML out of your emails, making it easier to get through to your customers and into their inboxes. Gmail, Apple, Yahoo, etc. have learned that image-heavy emails are often spam or unwanted advertisements from marketers and often find their way to your spam or junk folder. ConvertKit sends text-heavy emails promising higher open rates.

ConvertKit allows you to more easily segment and target your subscribers. With the simple use of tags and rules you can decide who gets what meaning you can send only the most relevant emails to the most targeted segments of your email list.




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