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Strategy Tools

A collection of original and curated strategy tools for mindful entrepreneurs, thinkers and creators

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Original Strategy tools

By Ways & Meaning

Purpose framework mini book
A 35 page PDF ebook about purpose, why it's important, and how to use the purpose framework to bring clarity to your own
Know Yourself email course
This 7-day email course is designed to get to the heart of who you are. Over a week you'll receive a daily email full of...
Focus-based to do list
A simple to use to do list template with a very special feature. This template includes a section at the top to help you stay...
The Roadmap planning tool
The Roadmap is the best, most easy-to-use planning tool to help client and content based small business owners organize EVERYTHING. I use this tool every...
Budget tracker
A basic budget tracker of incomes and expenses specifically designed for solopreneurs operating digital businesses.

Curated Strategy tools

By recommended affiliates

Un-boring group coaching
Un-boring group business coaching by Wandering Aimfully is the best, most affordable option for one-on-one support and accountability to grow your business and save time.
Character strengths survey
A free survey to help you understand what your ultimate strengths are as they relate to your core virtues and things you value.
ConvertKit is the best email service provider for entrepreneurs and creators that are ready to take their email marketing to the next level.
An easy to use graphic design tool to make images for every platform.
The Science of Happiness
An eight-week online course that will offer practical, research-backed tips on living a happy and meaningful life

This is a simpler version of ‘Find Your Way’ re-packaged for brands in the form of a 2 hour workshop you can do anywhere, anytime.


Ideas are easy to come by, deciding which to implement is hard. This is easy exercise to prioritize your tasks and get moving on your progress.


This is a complete self-paced online course to help small business owners and entrepreneurs manage their annual planning.


I want to bundle my best productivity tools combined with a new best practice guide and sell it as a daily progress system to keep you on track.


This one is already in the works, but it’s on hold. You can click here to read all about it. And if you want me to speed it up, click the image to vote.


The hardest part of not having a team is not having anyone to hold you accountable. This simple email reminder system will solve that.

$3/month or $10/year

I’ve been using the same decision making matrix for years and it’s simple, easy to use and excellent for when you need to make a big decision.


A 7-day email course with guided prompts and questions to help you find your highest belief. Designed for those who don’t believe in God.


Book recommendations

I love books. I love how easy it is to open your mind, learn something new, gain a fresh perspective. The best part is they’re affordable and easy to share. 

These ten books have profoundly influenced my life in many ways. If you need something to read, these are my highest recommendations.