The science behind intention setting, plus 6 ways how it can elevate your business goals

By Create & Cultivate
September  30, 2018


As an entrepreneur, it is essential to set goals to achieve the results you desire. However, women often put so much pressure on themselves for achieving a certain milestone or metric in the form of a goal that goals can sometimes be counterproductive. Let me explain.

Goals can inadvertently make us feel like a failure. We either hit the $10k month or we didn’t. Traditional goal-setting often plays into the black/white mentality that is so pervasive in our society. These types of goals don’t leave a lot of room for all the beautiful colors in between where we may not have hit the exact goal we wanted but we succeeded in other ways. For example, maybe you didn’t hit your goal of $10k this month but you set up 20 meetings with prospects that could lead to $30k next month. Getting down on yourself for not hitting your original goal of $10k could rob you of celebrating the 20 prospect meetings you worked hard to achieve that may even result in more revenue in the long run.


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