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Let’s talk a bit about being better


Most people would call this section ‘self improvement’ but that pharse makes me cringe. Be better is more inline with my Type A, no bullshit personality. But this section is really about understanding the science behind what makes for a good life, the science of your mind and your behavior, and how we can apply all that knowledge towards being better version of ourselves. That’s how humans be better.

Brands can be better by being more human. That means living up to their values, being authentically true to themselves, and not hiding behind phrases like, ‘it’s not personal, it’s just business.’ Well if you’re a person being affected by a business, it is personal.

Of course, just as humans need air, water and food to survive, brands need profit. So this section is also going to help you to grow with intention and improve your bottom line. (note: in all my talk about ways to improve your business, the talk of profit comes last…this is not your usual business site).

Let’s dig in a bit, shall we?




This website was created for mindful entrepreneurs, so if you’re reading this hopefully you fit the bill. And in order to be a better human, we must first learn what makes humans better. We start with science.

I’m obsessed with mind science (neuroscience, neurobiology, psychology, psychiatry, etc.) and the science of our actions (notably behavioral economics and behavioral  psychology). I’m so fascinated my the mind’s potential (and limitation), particularly the relationship between what we think and feel (the mind), and what we do and feel (the body).

I’m not alone. I’ve seen a huge trend in business advisors talking about the importance of mindsets in changing our behavior. And of course the recent obsession with meditation and mindfulness to improve all aspects of your life.

We know that what we focus on, what we pay attention to, is what we impact. How we train our mind is the first step in how we train our actions. So if there is some action or behavior that you want to work on, you should start by paying more attention to the associated thoughts, feelings and emotions behind it. Start with your mind.




The default version of success for any business is to increase profits, year over year, forever. If you manage a publicly traded company, this is your duty by law. But that’s not us. We’re mindful entrepreneurs

Our goal is to ensure our business creates the impact it was intended to, while maintaining the lifestyle needs we created it to support. Sometimes that includes growth, but more often than not, it doesn’t.

Mindful entrepreneurs have awareness of ‘enough.’ Enough money to support our lifestyle, enough time for each of the things in life we care most about (including our businesses), enough attention for what is needed, etc.

The opposite of this is what Brené Brown calls the ‘scarcity mindset.’ This is a fear-based minset that means you never feel satisfied with what you have. You always feel the inner drive for more in order to feel safe, content, happy even.

If, you are clear that your main purpose in life is to impact as many people as possible through your business, than you may still in fact want to accelerate your growth. But if your main purpose is to spend more time with the people you love, then your growth goal should be satisfied when you have ‘enough.’

You can then reinvest the time you were trying to get more [fill in the blank]’ into making everything better. You don’t need more customers, offerings, sales. You need better customers, offerings, sales. You need better profit margins, better systems to reduce the amount of time you spend on your business, better relationships with your customers, etc.

Do less, better.


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