Is “mindful entrepreneurship” a thing? Actually, yes.

By Alison Cayne
June 19, 2018


One entrepreneur explains that scale for scale’s sake was never her goal, and neither was raising venture capital. So she developed a different approach.

In 2012, I was working on a master’s degree in food studies with one goal in mind: I wanted to teach people to cook at home, with more pleasure and confidence, in the hopes of supporting local growers, sustainability, and families’ well-being in the process. People bond and connect when they eat together, but modern life doesn’t always leave enough opportunities to do that. The target customer for the business I decided to start, in order to change that, was a busy New Yorker with limited time and kitchen space but a desire to reconnect with real food and to gather the skills and inspiration to fulfill it.

But while I built my startup, Haven’s Kitchen, on a strong social-impact foundation, it still needed to make money. By its third year, the company was turning a profit and employing over 70 staffers, so I decided it was time to draw up a growth plan. My team was full of people who wanted to do more and were eager to shift from a small-business mind-set to a scalable-business mind-set.


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