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digital distractions

Remove digital distractions from work

Trying to focus on your work and then, Ping! You get distracted. It happens to all of us, and it's bad. This article talks about why it's so bad, and more importantly, what you can do about it. Read more if you're not trying to get anything done. If you are, get back to work!

You’re not paying attention, but you really should be

There is lots to see and pay attention to in our device-heavy, always-on world...but somehow when we look at everything, we see nothing. This article takes the idea of mindfulness and applies it to our awareness of the world around us...what do you see?

On Fear and Confidence

There is one thing I know for sure about being an entrepreneur (or following any dream for that matter). The difference between success and failure lies in your ability to overcome fear. Everybody fails. Those with the greatest success, often failed the most. Albert Einstein failed his first entrance exam to university. Steve Jobs was famously fired from Apple before being re-hired and inventing the iPod and iPhone, changing everyone’s lives forever. Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first broadcast journalism job after just 6 months. Lady Gaga was cut from her first label. We all fail. It’s a necessary part of the journey. So why does it breed so much fear in us? And more importantly, how the hell can we move on from it? I wanted to launch this new business with an article that epitomized my journey to get here, to realize this dream of mine. And when I thought about what that story might be, I kept coming back to the biggest battle I’ve ever fought in my life: the war on fear.

Designing with Purpose

The purpose of design is much more closely linked to strategy than aesthetics. I wrote this article back in 2015 about the connection between purpose and design and it's been one of the most popular articles I've ever published. It's a reminder of how closely linked purpose + design + strategy really are. Keep reading to find out why 🙂

3 Reasons you aren’t doing what you say you will do

In this TEDx video by cognitive psychologist Dr. Amanda Crowell you'll learn how to move beyond mindset-driven defensive failure and into productive failure to succeed at the problems you struggle with the most. She argues that we get trapped in the same cycles, over and over (sound familiar), and offers advice on how to break those cycles and finally succeed at whatever it is you're trying to do.

Companies don’t always need a purpose beyond profit

Despite the title, I agree with this new article from Harvard Business Review. If you're company isn't GENUINELY driven by a purpose beyond profit, then PLEASE don't pretend it is. The reason the author claims lofty mission statements often attract more cynicism than motivation is because no one believes that bull shit. The helpful bit of this article comes from the mention of 'local meaning' or the ability of employees to find personal meaning in the work they do. This is what I advocate for most people who work for someone else. You don't have to pretend that filing taxes for a living is as important as ending poverty, but you should figure out why that work is so meaningful towards your own personal sense of purpose.

Lightening the mental load that holds women back

BCG, the consulting firm, recently surveyed it's employees across the globe to get a better perspective of how raising children, and taking care of the home in general, disproportionately affects women. There results were similar to what others have found in that, even when men help, they're doing the easily outsourced tasks, leaving the 'management' of home and kids to women...thus inflicting a larger 'mental load' for women to carry. They offer some recommendations for companies and families to help alleviate some of the burden on working women. The good news...younger men seem eager to play by these new rules and are making significant progress for the next generation.

Is “mindful entrepreneurship” a thing? Actually, yes.

I sure hope so, because that's what I'm building my entire business around 🙂 This article from Fast Company validates my belief that growth is good, when intentional, not just for the sake of growth. That it can be good to stay small, to have 'good enough' goals, that the need for unsustainable growth is one of the biggest problems with our current economic system.

How thinking about the future can make life more meaningful

As a strategy consultant, I think about the future A LOT (probably too much). But this article helped me to justify my behaviors. Written by a Ph.D researcher for Greater Good Magazine, it chronicles the research on 'prospectus' or how thinking about the future can help us make better decisions, achieve our goals, fight off negative mental health states and just generally become more kind and generous people. Find out how and why.

Women did everything right. Then work got ‘greedy.’

I'm not sure if I'm just more aware, or if this topic is actually trending, but I feel like I'm now seeing so many articles (in so many high profile publications, like this one from the New York Times) talking about the need for the 'end of the hustle culture.' This one focuses on how this phenomenon is really hurting women most, particularly within the 'greedy' professions like law, finance and consulting...where women have more potential to outperform men, but aren't. Keep reading if you want to learn why and what we can do about it

Americans’ stress, worry and anger intensified in 2018

A new Gallup poll is out, and unfortunately it's not surprising at all. Even though our economy is soaring, our quality of life (in terms of stress, anxiety and anger) is declining. We may have more money, but there is a serious cost for that. This is a topic I'm very familiar with and one you'll hear me rant about again and again...our collective disillusion about what 'success' means and how focusing too narrowly on profit, making money or growth at all costs is making us sick. The bottom line is that without a clear focus on what matters most to you, the default in our culture is 'more is better.' And according to this new study, the pursuit of more is killing us

“Maslow’s Pyramid” is based on an elitist misreading of the psychologist’s work

When I first read this headline from Quartz I almost had a heart attack as I clicked through. If you're anything like me, and hopefully you are because you're still reading, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is foundational to my education. But this reporter digs into the history to discover the *pyramid* aspect wasn't created by Maslow, and how this misinterpretation has shaped our thinking about who *deserves* self-actualization ever since. A very interesting read.

The key to loving your job in the age of burnout

Oh, this was such a good read! Another reminder that our culture tends to persuade us that 'meaning' in life is supposed to come from our work--not our family, our country, or our spiritual beliefs. We think we need to figure out how our day job is saving the world, and usually it's not. This article argues instead that the key to enjoying your work, to finding meaning in your work, is better understanding the 'because'. Stick with me, you work 'because'...the organization is improving lives, it pays the bills and supports your family, it provides you with an opportunity to challenge your mind, etc. Work is often a struggle, as it should be, so the key is to figure out what makes the sacrifice worth it. Easy, right?

A guide to running a minimalist business

I'm a minimalist, or at least I attempt that lifestyle. I do so because I find the freedom from stuff and busy schedules to be completely liberating. And that's what this article by Paul Jarvis gets at. Most of us want to run our own business for the freedom it can provide, but often we get 'stuck' doing a bunch of things we think we need, but we really don't. If you want to simplify your business, I recommend you start here.

Your own truth

This one is from Oprah. (Enough said, right?). It's a recent video from her SuperSoul Conversations podcasts. If you're not familiar, you should become familiar. I liked this episode in particular because it spoke to the importance of living your true life, by being the true you that only you know. A lot of the work I do revolves around purpose and strategy and leveraging your strengths...this is Oprah's take on all of that. It's more spiritual and more personal than I usually go, but honest and motivating and most importantly, full of truth.