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You’re not paying attention, but you really should be

There is lots to see and pay attention to in our device-heavy, always-on world...but somehow when we look at everything, we see nothing. This article takes the idea of mindfulness and applies it to our awareness of the world around us...what do you see?

Are things getting better or worse?

This is a great piece from New Yorker Magazine about how science is mostly in agreement that overall Quality of Life (QOL) is better than ever for Americans (and much of the world), despite what our current President might say (and definitely as opposed to what you hear in the media). Average household income, risk of death by accident and serious disease, crime, teenage drug and alcohol use, etc. are all much, much lower than at any other point in history. Life is good. Right? However, the jury is still out on whether that is translating to a higher Subjective Wellbeing (SWB), or overall sense of happiness and meaning in our lives. A lot of this is about perspective: both the media's and our own, and certainly worth a read