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Ways & Meaning is a website designed for mindful entrepreneurs. But what does that mean anyway? And why does it matter? Well let me tell you, mindful entrepreneurship is the act of being intentional about following your dreams. This article is the ultimate guide to understanding this definition, the characteristics of what makes a mindful entrepreneur and the benefits of choosing this path for your business or venture.

Tara Westover urges graduates to embrace their ‘un-instagramable’ selves

Tis the season for commencement speeches, full of wisdom, advice and positivity for the future. So I couldn't let May go by without including at least one. I thought this speech by author Tara Westover to Northwestern graduates was appropriate for this audience. An acknowledgment that we no longer just have two selves: the person we are when we're alone, and the one we become around others. But now we have a third: the person we share with strangers online. She reminds us that it's our true self, the one we usually keep behind closed doors, that is most important. That is the version we need to nurture and listen to and learn from.

Do a social media detox

I'm so happy to be not alone in wanting less social media in my life. This continues to be your favorite topic so I found another article to enjoy. This one was written by Wandering Aimfully, a serial digital entrepreneur with many successful online businesses. He used to rely on social media, but his current business barely uses it. This article walks through how he got there, over a month of no social media, and what he learned. There's also some good app/tool recommendations to help you remove the notifications and temptations of social media

How to ace marketing without social media

I know that many of you are on board with trying to figure out how to avoid the social media trap that exists for businesses today. So here is another good article from Heart & Hustle about how to do this successfully. Most of what I found online focus on businesses where a majority of activity happens in real life (retail, fitness, real estate, etc.) not online, but I'm working on that 🙂 The bottom line is that it's definitely possible, but you need to have an outstanding product, very satisfied customers, and rely heavily on word of mouth and referrals. To get some practical tips on how this might work in reality

The age of the influencer as peaked. It’s time for the slacker to rise again

I was pretty excited to click on this one. I (mostly) hate social media, and I have a soft spot for slackers as a teenager of the 90s. And this article from Quartzy didn't disappoint. It talks about the pendulum swing of youth culture and how selling out and trying too hard on social media is on it's way out. To be replaced by a less individualistic ideal. One focused on being true to yourself, being mindful of your aspirations, and chilling the f* out a bit. This might be the first time in my life where I feel like I can finally be 'on trend.' 🙂

The new social network that isn’t new at all

I'm on a journey, that some of you might be interested in, and it's all about figuring out the answer to 'how do I run a successful online business without social media.' Don't get me wrong, social media can be awesome and very helpful, but also time consuming and expensive (for a business). So I read this article from The New York Times, and it gave me hope. And it gave you guys an awesome newsletter! 🙂 Let me know what you think, is it possible? Can online businesses operate today without (too much) reliance on social media?