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“Maslow’s Pyramid” is based on an elitist misreading of the psychologist’s work

When I first read this headline from Quartz I almost had a heart attack as I clicked through. If you're anything like me, and hopefully you are because you're still reading, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is foundational to my education. But this reporter digs into the history to discover the *pyramid* aspect wasn't created by Maslow, and how this misinterpretation has shaped our thinking about who *deserves* self-actualization ever since. A very interesting read.

Cognitive bias cheat sheet

I love ALL the social sciences because I find it fascinating to understand human behavior and the cultures and societies we create. I also love learning how to improve my thinking, in particular my ability to make good decisions and thus care a LOT about cognitive biases. And then I discovered this beauty on Medium and it felt like Christmas...enjoy!