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Is “mindful entrepreneurship” a thing? Actually, yes.

I sure hope so, because that's what I'm building my entire business around 🙂 This article from Fast Company validates my belief that growth is good, when intentional, not just for the sake of growth. That it can be good to stay small, to have 'good enough' goals, that the need for unsustainable growth is one of the biggest problems with our current economic system.

How thinking about the future can make life more meaningful

As a strategy consultant, I think about the future A LOT (probably too much). But this article helped me to justify my behaviors. Written by a Ph.D researcher for Greater Good Magazine, it chronicles the research on 'prospectus' or how thinking about the future can help us make better decisions, achieve our goals, fight off negative mental health states and just generally become more kind and generous people. Find out how and why.

Why is nature so good for your mental health?

I love to travel, to explore, and just generally to be outside. I know that it fills my soul with the fuel it needs to keep going. Now I know why. According to scientists, it inspires awe, which is a key component of building happiness and general wellbeing in humans. Have you been to the Grand Canyon? Visited one of the many great temples, cathedrals or other places of worship around the world? Been anywhere that made you feel small and insignificant, in a good way? This article from the Greater Good Magazine will help explain why that makes us feel so good.

Your own truth

This one is from Oprah. (Enough said, right?). It's a recent video from her SuperSoul Conversations podcasts. If you're not familiar, you should become familiar. I liked this episode in particular because it spoke to the importance of living your true life, by being the true you that only you know. A lot of the work I do revolves around purpose and strategy and leveraging your strengths...this is Oprah's take on all of that. It's more spiritual and more personal than I usually go, but honest and motivating and most importantly, full of truth.