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Seven ways to feel more in control of your life

Having a greater sense of agency will help you feel more in control of your life, no matter how chaotic your days may be. These researchers from the Greater Good Science Center share 7 ways to create greater agency and improve your overall wellbeing in life.

The best free project management tool for content and client based businesses

The Roadmap is the best free project management tool to help client and content based small business owners organize EVERYTHING.

Lightening the mental load that holds women back

BCG, the consulting firm, recently surveyed it's employees across the globe to get a better perspective of how raising children, and taking care of the home in general, disproportionately affects women. There results were similar to what others have found in that, even when men help, they're doing the easily outsourced tasks, leaving the 'management' of home and kids to women...thus inflicting a larger 'mental load' for women to carry. They offer some recommendations for companies and families to help alleviate some of the burden on working women. The good news...younger men seem eager to play by these new rules and are making significant progress for the next generation.

Women did everything right. Then work got ‘greedy.’

I'm not sure if I'm just more aware, or if this topic is actually trending, but I feel like I'm now seeing so many articles (in so many high profile publications, like this one from the New York Times) talking about the need for the 'end of the hustle culture.' This one focuses on how this phenomenon is really hurting women most, particularly within the 'greedy' professions like law, finance and consulting...where women have more potential to outperform men, but aren't. Keep reading if you want to learn why and what we can do about it

Why you never seem to have enough time

Our modern world *seems* to have us running around like a chicken with our head cut off for most of the day. However, this very interesting article from Greater Good Magazine provides evidence that a lot of our busyness might actually be in our mind. It's the way we perceive our day that makes it so busy, not the actual work we do (well, sometimes). The good news: that means there is something you can do right now, for free, to change it. Keep reading to find out how.

Kondo kids

Jamie Glowacki, the parenting expert behind Oh Crap Potty Training, has a new podcast and one of her first episodes was right up my ally. She talks about how children suffer from decision fatigue the same way we do, often because they have too much *stuff* (toys, books, clothes, etc.) to choose from. This actually activates their nervous system in a way that can cause them chaos (read: tantrums). So Jamie leverages the #MarieKon approach and provides some really practical tips for reducing the amount of kid shit in your home and your child's lives. In particular, I love the idea of a toy library, game changer.

Is hustle culture really hurting us?

This is a great article from Girlboss on how and why the idea that 'we can have it all' is somehow uniquely a woman's struggle (mostly because men are *supposed* to only have one real focus--work). The article goes on to discuss how this can be both a burden and motivation for women. I'm a firm believer in being open and honest about trade-offs in work in life and applaud this article for focusing on what we can do: choose.