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Ways & Meaning exists to help mindful entrepreneurs live their best life.

We do this by creating and curating the best articles, resources and courses that exist to help you find clarity on what matters most, plan enough to see a path to your dreams, and inspiring and motivating you to have the courage and belief in yourself to see it through. 


Curiosity | in pursuit of wisdom, an unrelenting drive to learn, to create, to explore, to seek out what’s different and uncover new truths that need to be shared

Connection | to spirit, between people, ideas, thoughts and feelings

Progress | a focus on continuous improvement everyday, no matter how small or how slow

Calm | bringing a sense of peace and tranquility to all


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Nice to meet you, I'm Kim

The strategic thinking, mindful, control-freak in recovery, entrepreneur running this show.

This website is all about being your truest, most authentic self. So let me get vulnerable with you…

I grew up a fearless know-it-all. My family moved a lot, I discovered my passion for travel early on, I’ve always been attracted to creating and running businesses and found life pretty easy, until it wasn’t.

After learning about social entrepreneurship in rural Uganda I moved to Australia to get my MBA and got my ass kicked in the process. 

I had every intention of taking my award-winning business plan to market but was stopped by fear, the global recession of 2008-2010, and a lot more fear. I was on my true path, and I know it because it was hard.

But I failed.

I’m a trained strategy and planning consultant and I spent a decade helping purpose-driven companies create more impact in the world. It was fulfilling in that I was working with really smart, creative people working on difficult problems. 

But I wasn’t working with entrepreneurs. And that killed me a little.

After traveling the world for 2.5 years with my husband I decided to start my own consulting business, working exclusively with small businesses and start-ups. And that was great, until I had kids.

My priorities changed, and so did my availability and it was no longer fair to anyone to maintain a client-based business. 

So here we are.  I launched Ways & Meaning in the summer of 2019 as a way to take all of the knowledge I’d learned from a decade working as a consultant, and re-focus it for other entrepreneurs like myself.

My greatest strength, my taproot skill (as Oprah calls it) is collecting, connecting and sharing wisdom. I’ve carefully crafted this business to take advantage of what I’m best at and enjoy the most, in the benefit of everyone who visits this website.

Those interested in being mindful about their work. Those that want enough, not too much, so that there’s still time in life to enjoy the things that really matter.

For me that’s first and foremost my family, followed by finding flow in my work, and reserving sufficient time to explore the world. For you that might be your love of travel and adventure. Or time to dedicate to your passions. Or whatever your purpose in life might be.

I look forward to helping each other reach our goals…see you out there!


Ways & Meaning came about in my pursuit to find a name that highlighted the core theme of ‘purpose’ while staying firmly rooted in the rational world of business.

‘Ways and means’ is defined (by Google) as ‘the methods and resources available at someones disposal to achieve something.’

It’s is all about the resources. That’s the heart of this business. 

So the name is all about the purpose behind the way we discover, allocate and use the resources we have available. And that is exactly what Ways & Meaning hopes to achieve for each and every one of you.