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Purpose toolkit

Let’s kick off this relationship with a gift, my purpose toolkit:

  • The purpose framework minibook with printables of framework
  • The know yourself guide to help you fill out that framework
  • The Roadmap: a simple planning tool
  • A cool little to do list template

BONUS: A basic budget tracker (because we all need it)

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Wanna live a better life? Start by clarifying what matters most to you, then build the habits you need to actually to do that.

It sounds hard, and it is. But this framework will help make it just a bit easier.

There is one thing I know for sure about being an entrepreneur (or following any dream for that matter). The difference between success and failure lies in your ability to overcome fear.

Who’s currently winning your own inner battle? Fear or confidence? If fear runs the show in your life, this is for you.

I’m a student, an entrepreneur, an employee, and a mom. That’s a lot of shit to keep track of it.

I use one tool to manage all these things. One free, easy, flexible, simple tool to manage all the projects of my life. It’s called The Roadmap.



Ways + Meaning exists to collect and share wisdom about better living.

This project is currently in hibernation mode to allow it the space, time and energy to grow more intentionally in the future. 

But I’m still here. Hi, I’m Kim Soko Schaefer, the founder behind this project. I’m not very quick to respond, but that’s only because strangers are so much less important than my family (can you blame me?). Also, sorry.

If you need anything at all, please just reach out (I LOVE email) [email protected]

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